Equine Therapy


The Hummingbird Centre partners with Loes Koorenhof, a trained and highly experienced psychologist, to provide equine therapy and learning for those on a cancer journey, or for their loved ones.

Loes and her horses can help you face issues such as anxiety and the trauma people can experience when walking a path with cancer. And enable you to develop coping strategies.

Why horses? Horses don’t judge or have an agenda. They respond in a very pure way to your body language and Loes can bring out insights from observing the way in which a horse interacts with you.

If you feel that you would benefit from Equilore; and, believe me, every one of our guests who have completed an equine therapy programme has really enjoyed it, the contact the Hummingbird Centre to discuss it with us.

To find out more about Loes and her work, please visit her website. Equilore | Equine Therapy and Learning 

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