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April 2015

Since we opened our doors back in April last year we’ve been in demand ever since each week the numbers increase weekly which is great as word is getting out there that we are all about having fun and forgetting the journey for a short while.  Friendships are being formed and confidence is growing each time people come back.  The Hummingbird Centre see far more smiles now than tears.


During April Bank Holiday I needed to make a decision on how to increase the floor space to cope with demand the only way to do this was to take the walls down of a room in the back part of the building.  At the time I mentioned this to my builder he thought I was joking he soon realised that this was not the case.

Sledge hammer in hand Friday 3rd April the work began in transforming The Hummingbird Centre, there was a small team of 6 who worked from the early hours of Friday morning to the late hours of Monday 6th April to make sure The Hummingbird Centre was ready for business Tuesday 7th April.

Maskell Flooring came in Bank Holiday Monday to lay the flooring in one side of the building while the touching up of painting was taking place next door.  The guys from Maskell Flooring worked their magic to enable us to start making the rooms look like they do nothing was too much effort, 9.00 pm, Monday 6th April the new room to the back of The Hummingbird Centre was complete, creating an area for people to enjoy themselves even more without feeling crammed into one area, the space created as been appreciated by the guests and the team.

I have to admit this was possibly the hardest bit of work we have done to date in such a short time scale I have been threatened by my builder if I suggest anymore building work he’s going to dig a big hole and put me in it with the rubbish on top, he did chuckle as I just smiled and commented “you know me”.

Peter Cox, our landlord commented it was great to see the building back to how it should be, others have stated it looks like a welcoming hotel which is true as our guests never want to leave, they feel at home, safe and secure which is what The Hummingbird Centre is all about along with having fun. 

Keith Lester commented “And now after the Easter break our visit produced another surprise. The Hummingbird Centre has had alterations made to further improve the facility for all of us who visit. If you have not been or are thinking about calling in I say Do Not Hesitate, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find. This is an amazing place and a great benefit to us all”.

The Hummingbird Birthday Celebrations

1st April 2015 for The Hummingbird Centre celebrated their first anniversary by holding a party where guests, family members, the team, trustees, local businesses and families attended.

The evening was filled with laughter, the room was filled with entertainment by three very talented local singers who took part in Bicester’s Got Talent, at The Nightingale Pub, the gentleman charmed the ladies with their crooning and dashing good looks.

We would to thank PRP Catering who provided the lovely food, Sparky Mark, Dave and Charcoal Sprite for the entertainment.

Mechelle was presented with donations from Sainsbury’s, DHL and The Ladies Circle along with those who placed donations in the donation box the evening raised just over £3000.00 - Mechelle Harris, Founder thanked all her team, Trustees and the People of Bicester for making The Hummingbird Centre the success that its becoming because without their support The Hummingbird Centre would not be able to continue nor consider looking to extent their days later in the year.

Mechelle thanked Alpha Cars who play a major part in helping us providing the support that we do by providing transport to our guests free of charge which is greatly appreciated as some who attend the centre would not be able to get they’ve played a major part in the success and have become very much part of the team, the words “Thank you” just don’t seem enough.

The Nightingale Pub, Bicester hold a quiz night for The Hummingbird Centre the first Thursday of every month which is always well attended by their regulars, the Community of Bicester and The Hummingbird Centre, 1st April event was a little different as the The Hummingbirds surprised Mechelle and Paul Harris with a little celebration of their own to say thank you:

You’ll often see on our Facebook page comments made from our lovely guests thanking Mechelle and her team for helping them through their journeys. Well, today being our very 1st Birthday, we thought it was the volunteers turn to express their thanks to Mechelle and Paul. With all the events and everyday goings-on at the centre we very rarely have the time to say how much your Hummingbirds appreciate what you have done for them. From the beginning, you realised each of our potentials and could see that we all had something valuable to offer. You have given us confidence, space to grow and encouraged our dreams but most of all you have instigated a bond of friendship between us all that has made us into one big, friendly Hummingbird family and for that, we are extremely grateful. Both yourself and Paul’s constant hard work and determination to make this charity the success it is today has been admired by lots of people, including us the volunteers. Happy 1st Birthday and Congratulations to you both. love from your Hummingbirds XXX

Mechelle and Paul were also presented with a cheque presentation from BRUFC, Chairperson Jacqui Corton, who have supported The Hummingbird Centre over two seasons.

Here’s to 2015 and beyond!


Here's a little video of some of our 1st Birthday Celebrations that we held or attended last week .... Soundtrack courtesy of

Posted by The Hummingbird Centre on Tuesday, April 7, 2015