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August 2017

Focus MQEM Award


MQEM Award

The National-Citizens-Group

Why did we choose The Hummingbird Centre?

We chose The Hummingbird centre because we were told that we needed to raise money and awareness for a charity  this one is close to our hearts and two it’s in our community and close to our homes. Firstly, many of us who are part of this NCS team have family members who have either been effected by cancer or have sadly passed away due to cancer meaning a centre with such brilliant aims that they want to achieve is something that we don’t mind raising money for when we know it will go to such a good cause that will help so many people to make sadness into happiness.

We spent time with at The Hummingbird Centre talking to the guests listening and learning about their journey and how it affected them in so many different ways, it was amazing the difference in ages and the laughter was truly amazing. 

When we walked through the door it was nothing like we expected what was quite clear is The Hummingbird Centre is very unique in what they provide, nothing like a Hospice, Hospital or a GP Surgery, we loved being there and taking part in the day we attended.  

What we did to raise money for The Hummingbird Centre

Monday 7th August: Cake sale in Sainsburys with a tombola and a bag packing service for customers if they want their bags packed. So pop along and buy some cake!!

Tuesday 8th August:  We will be visiting the centre talking to the people who are in the centre and doing them a tea party and a BBQ and we will also be doing activities for the younger children who are there visiting their family members and finally with the money we raised from the cake sale we will be buying plants which we can refurbish their garden so it looks nice and will bring happiness to people when they see a nice flowery garden.

Wednesday 9th August: We will be doing a hand car wash where all of the money we make will be given to The Hummingbird Centre.

Friday 11th August: we will be doing a flash mob dance to Beyoncé’s single ladies (if you are one of lucky people to get this leaflet keep it quiet as we want an element of surprise involved in this.)