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June 2018

What a month for The Hummingbird Centre. June was for winning awards.

The volunteers of The Hummingbird Centre give their time unconditionally to our guests and each other, working together as a team, led by someone who dedicates her time in so many ways, yet will not thank me for this when we say Mechelle Harris is the glue that holds us all together.

This month the Trustee’s sent out a message on the eve of June 2nd to announce The Hummingbird Centre had been awarded the Queens Award. MBE Voluntary Services, this is the highest award any establishment can be give, the royal seal of approval confirms The Hummingbird Centre are good at what they do.

Mechelle commented in the local press, we work as a team and that’s what’s important we all need to trust each other to enable us to do what we do, even though none of us take a salary not even myself for what we do as Trustee’s we make sure our team are given the right kind of support and training like any company would their staff, we congratulate our volunteers for the work that they do as without them The Hummingbird Centre would not be the success we are today, and my Dads promise would never have happened. 

Lord Cuthbert 16th June 8:37 am
Congratulations & thank you for the outstanding work you commit yourself to too better the lives of others however long that maybe.


Mechelle & Paul outside Buckingham Palace



OCVA Awards Ceremony

The awards in June kept coming Friday 15th June 2018, two of the team from The Hummingbird Centre attended the OCVA Awards Ceremony as Fiona Wastie and Jan Robins had been nominated due to their voluntary service they bring to The Hummingbird Centre.

Both first started their journeys with The Hummingbird Centre as guests and always said that one day they would become part of the team and that’s exactly what happened.

Fiona Wastie, Events Co-Ordinator for The Hummingbird Centre creating events that our now annual and recognised by the community of whom she brings together working with each other to raise each other’s profiles within the community as well as raising vital funds for The Hummingbird Centre, these events are the Fashion Show, Summer Festival, Fireworks Night linked with Launton Playing Fields Association and our Light the Light Event.

Jan Robins, Community Liaisons Volunteer, Jan plays a major role within The Hummingbird Centre as she is responsible for once a month holding an information desk within the surgeries of Bicester and The Information Hub at the JR.  Jan is able to share her own journey with other (patients) who in turn become our guests as Jan shares with them what she gained from using The Hummingbird Centre as a guest and what she gained from coming, which is absolutely vital because nothing is a powerful as a guests own story.

Congratulations ladies and thank you for all that you have both done for The Hummingbird Centre you should both be very proud of what you have achieved.

A message of thanks from our Founder, Mechelle Harris