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July 2018

The Hummingbird Centre is not only about encouraging our guests and empowering them to take control of their cancer rather than the cancer controls them. 

We are also unique as we encourage our Volunteers to sometimes step out of their own comfort zone and face their own fears which can sometimes hold them back and that’s exactly what happened with one of our team.

It's often commented amongst the team never let the Boss Lady hear of your passion or desire to try something because she will encourage you to do just that, even when she’s not around!!!

Well Tash, we hear that’s what happened with you my dear!! Fancy mentioning to your Team Leader you could Moon Walk like Michael Jackson, because from what we understand this was the start of something great.

Tash knew David Boakes who was an International Michael Jackson impersonator and as performed for many famous people as well as at many world famous arenas, jokingly Tash thought it would be a good idea to see if we could get our guests to Moon Walk or, better still, let’s see if we could put on a show – what do you mean we!!

The Boss Lady, with the encouragement of Tash’s Team Leader, gave her a blank canvass to do just that put on a Michael Jackson show, she had to design the poster, leaflet, tickets, find a venue, negotiate a price as well as drum up business for the event.

Tash worked with our Creative Designer for the poster, tickets, and leaflets, along with her Team Leader they found a venue, all of which took place Friday 6th July @ 7.30pm, the doors opened to a full house at The Highfields Sports and Social Club.

The event was a sellout, David Boakes aka Michael was a great hit and the venue ROCKED!!


Just a 62 mile run...

I have done many Marathons - 27 to be exact. People say I'm mad and what do I get out of running? Well, raising money for needy causes is one thing. So far I've raised about £12000 for charity over my 20 years of running and the race to the stones is something I had fancied doing for a while.

Over a drink in our local, talking to another fellow runner, we decided to do a ultra-Marathon; something I have fancied doing for a while... "Over two days?" (I'm sure that's what I heard)... "I'm up for that, let's do it!" How far? I ''said'' 62 miles. That's over two days, right?! (wrong, read on...) I can do that!! For a fifty year old that's fine but I'm a fifty five year old!"Go on, I'll give it a go!". Always up for a challenge - we are doing it in one day!

The route passes up and along the high ground South West from Lewknor in Oxfordshire to the Thames crossing at Goring. From this point the route rises up onto the North Wessex Down,s passing golden fields before the iconic finish where I'll head through the towering stones of Avebury. I have decided to raise money for this local charity that is close to my heart it is the Humming Bird Centre. I have raised money for many charities in Launton but this is one I have chosen this year.

Did I manage the 62 miles?... Yes I did!!

The run started at 8:30am on the Saturday morning from Lewknor Oxfordshire on a very warm morning. We headed out to Watlington, down to Goring, then streetley (at this point I got stung by a wasp on the head, then again on the hand a bit further along the route), then along the Thames, then up on to the ridgeway along to the white horse hill, then Marlborough and finally to Avebury stone circle. Not one flat part in it! We had a check point at 30 miles for a stop and some much needed energy at 2 .30pm Saturday afternoon. Then I was back on to the final 32 miles running through the night, finally finishing at 5.00am Sunday.

Ok, what injuries did I get (apart from the wasp sting)? Well, just one tiny blister about the size of a coke can tin lid under my foot.

I have raised £555.00 (not bad for a short run).

Will I do it again?.... Oh yes, this time I'll try a 100 miles!