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August 2018

All about the Community of Bicester & The Surrounding Villages raising funds for The Hummingbird Centre


It’s often been said that The Hummingbird Centre has become over the years a community charity name to be recognised by the people of Bicester and surrounding villages.  This is often shown by the array of fund raising that’s been done on our behalf.

Whenever we know about an event we will always share your story on our Facebook page and Twitter as it’s important we say thank and let the Community know.  These stories come from many kinds of people, all sharing their stories on why they have chosen to support The Hummingbird Centre.

Over the years we’ve had people raise funds by running Marathons, like Rob & Tori who took part in the New Forest ½ Marathon, an array of cycle rides, local football matches, concerts, classic car shows, fashions shows, festivals, head shaving, 31 day challenges, darts matches, golf, theatre shows, Presco and Pearls, creating video’s and songs, a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into a lot of events on behalf of The Hummingbird Centre.

We would not be able to carry on providing the support that we do if it was not for the support we receive from the Community of Bicester and surrounding villages.

The words “Thank You” never seems enough.

Rob and Tori
Rob and Tori

Bicester Town Colts
Bicester Town Colts

Classic Car Show
Classic Car Show