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October 2018

It's All about the Community of Bicester and the Surrounding Villages Raising Funds and Awareness

The Hummingbird Centre has been supported in so many ways by the Community of Bicester and the surrounding villages.

We do believe we have become a very big part of the Community within Bicester, of which we continue to provide and develop our services to meet the demands of those who are and have been affected by cancer, which can very often be an emotional struggle to get back to on track.

Our Founders passion for the growth and development often takes us onto another level each year, her vision to where she wants The Hummingbird Centre to be by the end of each year is always reached, and she never takes for granted the support that The Hummingbird Centre receives from the public and her team of volunteers.

Over the years there have been an array of fund raising that's taken place which always astounds us from having a Presco and Pearls afternoon, to running Marathons, Head Shaving, Fetes, Music Nights. Quiz Nights, Window Cleaning in Fancy Dress, Memorial Football matches, to Summer Festival, Fashion Shows. Comedy Nights, the list is endless and so humbling.

It's not always about the financial support, companies will often donate their time and skills if we have or need help with work that needs to be done within our buildings. Working together as a Community enabled us to complete our Activities Barn within 2wks; working with the local businesses of Bicester, here are just a few …..

Planet Kitchens and their team of Carpenters, Electricians and Plumbers.
Chris Austin Electrical and Heating
Maskell Flooring
Bicester Glass
Bicester Pine
Cherwell District Council, Parish Council, Highways Department
Richard our painter

Their teams worked with us long into the evening and weekends to enable it to happen, without their time, skills and expertise it would have never happened.

If you have a story to share with us, then let us know as we would love to show our appreciation by either being able to support you or to have the opportunity to say thank you. To say thank you is really important to us and for you to see firsthand what you have supported.