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December 2018


Recently Mechelle Harris, Founder of The Hummingbird Centre was asked to sum up her year at The Hummingbird Centre.

We’ve had so many highlights throughout 2018, the biggest recognition that stands out the most was our Queen’s Award, MBE Voluntary Services, to be a fledgling charity of only 4 ½  and to have been given that recognition for what we do proves to me and my team that we are doing it right.  I think the most embarrassing moment was when my husband and I appeared on the front page of Your Letterbox Magazine, I knew they had asked for a story but I had no idea it would end up being front page.

Making a Decision and Acting Fast!!

We have a reputation of making decisions and making it happen.  This was most definitely proved when we acquired the Barn which was to become our new Activities Building.

The Board of Trustees’ acquired the barn at the beginning of September, handed the keys over to our activities co-ordinatior Anna Jones and  within 2 weeks it was up and running, pulling together the local trades men and ladies within the Community, Cherwell District Council, Parish Council, Department of Transport to transform our grass verge into a path, along with many others, including the team and we created a new building which Anna Jones our Activities Co-Coordinator is so proud of “ Its enabled us to run so many different activities as well as create a games area which proudly has a professional darts board donated by one of our guests  and table football which was bought for us by the Co-operative Community Charity Scheme from the 5p carries bag donations  fund both of which is so much fun and very popular !!”


From this...

To this....

End of the Year

At our recent Light the Light event one of our guests wrote a poem to describe what it can sometimes feel like to be missing a loved one at Christmastime. We hold the event to celebrate the lives passed of our nearest and dearest and to give hope to those who may be left struggling. Our message is always the same ...

" With friends and people who care you never have to feel alone. We're always here for you"


Our Events Co-Coordinator Fiona Wastie created an evening full of magic for everyone, Father Christmas paid us a visit with his own grotto and photographer (Mr Ian Jones) who created a little something special for the children to take away.

The Bicester Military Wives Choir performed for us within the main building and a very special young gentleman who we first met when he held his very first coffee morning to raise funds for The Hummingbird Centre, sang Silent Night, this was a complete surprise for his Nan who Mechelle had to keep the secret from for 3 months!!!