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June 2020

Whilst are doors are still closed, many of our guests will send messages over to be placed on our Facebook page. Recently I was given permission by one of our younger guests to post a poem they had created about The Hummingbird Centre, accompanied by a beautiful picture which they've donated to the centre.

One day, not so long ago I was in a beautiful place, full of warmth and laughter. I came across a verse that caught my eye, experiences and writing with meaning tend to be what I base creative projects on....

"The Hummingbird Volunteers See You" even in the midst of a pandemic so on behalf of all the guests, to volunteers past, present and new, Thank you for remaining warm, caring, committed & true ....

Valuable is the work that you do,
Outstanding is how you always come through,
Loyal, sincere and full of good cheer,
Untiring in your efforts throughout the year,
Notable are the contributions you make,
Trustworthy in every project you take,
Eager to support us to reach our goals,
Effective in the way you fulfill your role
Ready with smiles like shining stars
Special and wonderful is exactly what you are.


Sophie wanted to be involved with raising money for the Hummingbird Centre, after she found out how difficult it is for charities to raise the money they need, to continue all the great work they do during the current Pandemic.

Sophie's Mum is part of the HSBC Step-A-Thon which is taking place at the moment so she used her artistic skills to create presentations and certificates for the Step-a-thon, as well as completing the challenge herself.

When her Brownie leader found out what she had been doing she was awarded with her Charity badge after she shared her story to the pack, via there weekly Zoom.

The Hummingbird Centre surprised Sophie by sending her a little something in the post to say thank you.