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Art & Craft

What we offer:
End of Life, Terminal,
Palliative Support
Community Matron Support
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Make Overs
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Horse Therapy
Indulging in craft and getting creative is a therapy within itself. It can be a relaxing and calming experience.  The Peacock Room at The Hummingbird Centre is a popular venue for many of our guests, it's a place to let yourself go and find your inner crafty-person, with easy-to-do activities and friendly guidance from Anna, we welcome our visitors to share their ideas and to experience some well deserved down-time for themselves.
Many of our visitors are very talented and have produced a number of excellent craft items, cards and jams which make lovely gifts for friends and family. Please call in and have a look - you will be tempted!

All items produced at the centre can be purchased at a reasonable price and all proceeds are put back into The Hummingbird Centre to support other patients who may not be able to access free support.

Winging it Wednesdays

Winging' It Wednesday's

Winging' It Wednesday becomes your day to chat to us and to show and inspire us with things that interest you. It doesn't even have to be of a crafty nature, so if you'd like to show us some of your favourite photos, or tell us about a book or article that you've read then now is your chance.

Maybe you like playing cards, or discussing the latest gripping episode of Coronation Street. What about showing the rest of the gang how to sort out those mobile phone or tablet problems ?

Anything goes, so if you have an idea then tell Anna and the others and we'll let you WING-IT on a Wednesday !