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Car Parking & Transport

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Car Parking & Transport

Car Parking

  • The main car park is the next left after The Hummingbird Centre (when driving along Station Road from Bicester). The parking area is then in the yard to the right.
  • Please sign in with your registration number at the centre.
  • Cars must display a Hummingbird parking permit.
  • Please park only in Hummingbird designated areas.
  • Please remember not to park on the pavements outside the centre as this creates obstructions for the neighbouring properties and causes problems for people trying to turn out onto the road.


Thank you for your co-operation



Alpha Cars

  • Alpha cars provides a free local taxi service to and from the centre for people from Bicester and the surrounding villages who are unable to drive.

  • This service is available during our standard opening hours (Tuesday to Friday, pick up in the am are 10.30, 11.30 and 12.30 for taking you home its 12.45, 2.30 and 3.45).
  • The service goes from your home to the centre and back, Alpha Cars are unable to take you to a different location, if you do they will charge you.

  • Those travelling from further afield or attending outside our normal opening hours need to find their own transport to The Hummingbird Centre.