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The Hummingbird Centre offers a counselling service during the day and evenings. We believe in quality rather than quantity, we operate around the needs of the client/patient/guests and will often realise it's not always the journey that may be affecting them.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a talking therapy which is used to help people process and come to terms with the difficulties they are facing, with an aim to move forward. The process of counselling can be daunting, but at the centre we aim to create a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space to explore whatever you are struggling with. We offer 50-minute face-to face sessions that can be arranged weekly, for as long as you need support and are completely free of charge.

We have a large dedicated counselling team offering a variety of styles, who are each professionally accredited and follow a code of ethics in line with their training.

Referrals can be made directly by coming into the center, phoning or emailing us or alternatively through your G.P.

What happens in a session?

When it comes to counselling, there are a range of different approaches or therapies that can be used, depending on your counsellor's expertise, the issues you are facing and your preferences. In your first appointment, you will meet one of our lead counsellors who will discuss your needs and pair you up with a suitable counsellor. The counsellor will then be in touch to arrange a session at a time that suits both of your schedules.

After this, the journey will largely revolve around talking through the difficulties you are having, but may include other techniques such as relaxation and mindfulness to help you build a toolbox of resources.

A counsellor will not tell you what to do, but instead encourage you to talk about what's bothering you in order to uncover any root causes and identify your individual ways of thinking. They will then look to create a plan of action to help you move forward, potentially involving some of the other services available at The Hummingbird Centre, to individually tailor your experience.  It’s natural to feel nervous about the process, however the first step is the hardest part and it will get easier. Counselling is a journey, and it takes time and consistency to create change.

At The Hummingbird Centre, we aim to help everyone affected by cancer, whether you are directly affected or have supported a family member or friend through their journey. 

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All our services are free. As a registered charity we are always grateful for donations.     

Please bring along a completed recommendation form from your GP reception. Once your form has been stamped by your GP Receptionist, please contact us at The Hummingbird Centre to make an appointment.

Alternatively, you can complete a referral form by clicking on the image below.

Please complete the form and save as a PDF

Then email to: