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What we offer:
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Mechelle and her team are always on hand and the service they provide is totally confidential.

"We are there to guide you and enable you to talk about subjects which you may find difficult to discuss with your immediate family, friends, work colleagues and people on the whole. We both understand the difficulties, not only with how you may be feeling medically but in also trying to understand yourself, how to find you again and coping with the unknown."

Dealing with Cancer can open a plethora of emotions, not only for the person affected by cancer but also for their own personal network of people whom both Mechelle and her team work with.

  • Are you affect by Cancer?
  • Are you a carer of someone affected by cancer?
  • Have you been affected by cancer or on your own journey and have the need to talk to someone who understands how you may be feeling?...

What is the Hummingbird Centre?

We realise that discovering you have cancer is frightening overwhelming and life-changing and no one should be alone.  We strive to provide support for the people of Bicester and surrounding area with help, guidance, friendship and complementary therapies that people may need throughout their journey.

Who can contact us?

  • Anyone who is an adult and over the age of 18 years.
  • Anyone affected by cancer both recently or in the past.
  • Anyone who is living with cancer.
  • Anyone supporting those affected by cancer.
  • Those experiencing a bereavement through cancer.

What we Offer?

  • 1-1 sessional counselling 50 minute sessions weekly – recommendationonly, operating to the BACP code of ethics. 
  • Befriending, a talking therapy which offers a listening ear and support as and when the need arises- no recommendation needed.
  • Confidential services,except in those rare situations where you may be at risk of harm to yourself or others.

How do we help?

Those who visit the centre can access befriending and support.

All counsellors that offer 1-1 sessional work are qualified or in training. 

The effects of cancer can be long lasting.  Counselling is a listening service, to guide you through your own thinking so that you can make your own decisions and at your own pace.  By listening closely to your concerns, your counsellor can help you see your issues more clearly and you can begin to make new and different choices about how to deal with things in the future.

Each session you can explore different aspects of your life with someone who will accept you without judging you. It is not about giving you advice or telling you what to do but providing you with the time and space you need to resolve your concerns.

Strong bottled up feelings like grief, anger and anxiety can become very intense and an opportunity to talk about them safely can help reducethe pain and distress they cause and easier to understand.

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How to contact us:

01869 244 244

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 10.00-4.00. 
Appointments outside of these times and evening appointments at 7.00 and 8.00 pm
maybe possible subject to negotiation. 

How to access the service?

Recommendations can be made direct or through your G.P.  After the initial contact you will be invited to meet with a counsellor for an initial interview.  

You will be asked something about your current difficulties and a little about your current and past events in your life. 

You will also be asked what it is you want to get from counselling.

After your initial meeting you will agree on a time and date.

Should there be a waiting list, you will be advised at point of contact.

With support, it is possible to move on and become more effective in your life. 

All our services are free. As a registered charity we are always grateful for donations.     

Please bring along a completed recommendation form from your GP reception. Alternatively, you can download one from here: GP Recommendation Form or by clicking on the image below.

Once your form has been stamped by your GP Receptionist please contact us at The Hummingbird Centre to make an appointment.

Other Activities:

Practical Support & Counselling
  • Completion of benefit paperwork
  • Finding extra support
  • Accessing financial help