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End of Life, Terminal, Palliative Support

What we offer:
Holistic Building
Activities Barn
End of Life, Terminal,
Palliative Support
Community Matron Support
Pastoral Care
Healthy Eating
Children Support (SENDCO's)
Family Days
Wellbeing Brochure
Bra Service
Equine/Horse Therapy
Grow with TEO for Children
Car Parking & Transport

Bluebird Care Cherwell & North BucksService & The Hummingbird Centre
Working together to provide Support for Families who are facing Terminal Cancer,
Palliative Care or End of Life

The Hummingbird Centre and Bluebird Care Cherwell & North Bucks Service have joined together to work in a collaborative way to support the People of Bicester and surrounding villages affected by Cancer, who may be facing supporting a loved one who is terminal, in Palliative Care or End of Life none of which are not easy to balance as well as day to day life.

Bluebird Care Cherwell & North Bucks Service will bring their professional skills in providing support to The Hummingbird Centre's guests who may need that little bit of extra support when caring for someone who is terminal and looking for a respite.

Suzanne and Mechelle agreed by both organisations working together it will enable families to have the support from the very early stages. The most worrying time for any family on this journey is the not knowing and for those who are passing they worry about those who are left behind. By working together they hope to diminish these worries from the start by creating a professional, safe and secure working relationship.

By working with Bluebird Care Cherwell & North BucksServicethey will carry out a professional assessment of the guests needs and provide the appropriate support to enable the families to work with The Hummingbird Centre knowing that their loved one is safe at home.

Should you wish to know more please contact either Bluebird Care Cherwell & North Bucks Service on 01869 324293 or The Hummingbird Centre 01869 244244


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