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Healthy Eating

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The Hummingbird Centre introduced a monthly work shop on healthy eating, after many enquiries regarding nutrition. There will be chance to join in with the preparation, cooking and best of all you get to eat it all at the end!

Our workshops are aimed to enable you to have the hands on experience, try the recipes and take the knowledge that you have learnt with us home.

Fiona brings a variety of options, which means eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring and bland.

By coming along to you are learning about some new ingredients and fun ways to include more vegetables and fibre into your meals.

The emphasis may be on vegetarian and vegan cuisine from a variety of cultures.

So far we have covered super foods, Indian food and comfort eating.

Hummingbird Healthy Eating Workshop

Just a sample of what we’ve tried so far with Fiona
Why not give them ago or better still pop along

Watch out for our dates

Pasta!  Pasta!
Pasta Dough (for 2)

200g pasta flour
100ml water
Semolina for dusting

Place the flour in a mixing bowl
Mix in the water and knead to make a firm dough
Wrap in clingfilm and leave to rest for 30 mins in the fridge
Take about of 50g dough at a time. Sprinkle semolina over the rolling surface and roll into an oval about a half centimetre thick.
Feed the dough through the wideset setting on the machine. Fold in three, roll out again with the rolling pin and re feed through the machine. Repeat 3 times to get a square a bit smaller than the machine roller
Feed the dough through the machine working down the width numbers.


Tomato and basil sauce

3 tbls olive oil
3-4 garlic cloves
600g cherry tomatoes
150ml white wine
20 g basil leaves
Parmesan to serve
Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the garlic gently
Add the tomatoes and stir well -gently mashing
Add the white wine after about 10 mins and cook out until the wine has evaporated
Roll up the basil and thinly slice. Add to the tomatoes and season
Serve with parmesan if liked


Mushroom Ragu

2 tbls olive oil
400g Chestnut mushrooms-quartered
2 onions -finely chopped
Salt and pepper
2 garlic cloves
150ml of white wine
150ml vegetable stock
I tbls of flour
30 g butter or non -dairy spread
2 tbls chopped herbs

Heat the oil in a large pan. Add the mushroom and onion and season with salt and pepper
Cook for about 8 minutes until the juices evaporate
Add the garlic and cook until the mushrooms are golden
Add the wine and stock and simmer for about 5 minutes until the liquid has halved.
Stir the flour and water into a paste and add to the sauce and cook until it thickens