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Complementary Treatments & Therapies

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Our therapies are a relaxing and enjoyable experience that help lift your sprits when you aren‘t feeling your best. A number of complementary therapies are now increasingly accepted by professionals, and are used alongside traditional treatment.

Complementary therapies may benefit by:

  • Helping you to feel more in control
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Reduce stress, tension and anxiety
  • Help you sleep better
  • Relieve or lessen some of the symptoms or
    side effects of cancer and its treatments.
Complementary Therapies
Essential oils are the fragrant, highly concentrated natural constituents which are found in plants. The aim of aromatherapy is to rebalance the body, mind and spirit by applying to the body, allowing you to bring about positive life changes and regain a sense of wellbeing.  These powerful substances are chosen for their specific properties and their aroma, of which a vast number of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual conditions may respond favourably.  The oils will be applied via massage.  Massage therapy is beneficial on its own; however, when it is used in conjunction with essential oils, these two therapies can be synergistically more beneficial than when performed separately.


This is an excellent treatment to reduce tension and everyday stress, and can help restore your sense of wellbeing using deep tissue, Swedish and manual techniques.  Massage therapy is a system which works by stroking, kneading, tapping or pressing the soft tissues of the body and aims to relax you both mentally and physically.  It can also help lift your mood, improve your sleep and enhance your wellbeing.  The therapist may massage your whole body, or concentrate on a specific part such as your head, neck or shoulders.  Some types of massage may also gently stretch parts of your body to release stiffness.


Indian head massage
This is a very unique and effective therapy, applied over clothes to the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck and head.  It balances physical, mental and emotional bodies caused by the effects of stress, therefore restoring comfort and harmony.

Reflexology has been used for centuries and is thought to have been developed originally by the ancient Egyptians.  Guests will normally lie down on the therapy couch or sit in a comfortable chair when having reflexology. 

Reflexology means applying pressure and massage to areas on your feet (the most common area to treat) and hands, to work on energy pathways.  Therapists believe that when you become ill energy pathways can become blocked, and unblocking them using reflexology can restore energy and balance.  The aim of reflexology is to help guests to relax, cope with stress and anxiety, lift their mood and give a feeling of wellbeing.

Reiki is a Japanese word which means ‘universal life force energy’.

This therapy, which is non-intrusive, can offer you a wonderful way to truly relax.  Reiki is normally given to guests lying down on the treatment couch, no massage is involved and you remain fully clothed.  The therapist acts as a channel for this life force energy, which the recipient of the treatment draws via the therapist, activating the body’s natural ability to heal itself and working to create a state of balance wherever it is needed, working on mind, body and spirit.

A qualified therapist can provide basic nail and foot care for guests whilst they are at the centre.  Appointments are necessary – please ask one of the volunteers.

This is a standard facial, which includes the following: cleanse, exfoliate, face mask, tone, moisturise.  The therapist will also provide a relaxing scalp or hand massage whilst the face mask is working its wonders.  This treatment takes between 30 minutes to one hour.

Hand and nail care/make up/hair care
The following equipment and beauty products are available in the Hair/Beauty Room for all guests to use as and when they wish:

  • Manicure equipment
  • Hand and foot scrubs/exfoliators
  • Hand and foot lotions
  • Nail polishes and removers
  • Hair dryer, straighteners and curling wand
  • Facial spa
  • Make-up
The services The Hummingbird Centre provide are all free of charge for the guests and their supporting network.  Should anyone attending The Hummingbird Centre wish to pay, we ask that they place a donation in our donation box near the door.
Please contact The Hummingbird Centre to make an appointment with one of our qualified Therapists.
Tel: 01869 244 244