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A cancer support and therapy centre in Bicester

Wherever you are on your cancer journey, we are here with support and sanctuary for you and your loved ones

Who we are

The Hummingbird can be found in the village of Launton, near Bicester in Oxfordshire.

Run by a dedicated team of volunteers and professionals, you will find a warm welcome and a range of (mostly) free services to help you and your family feel well and supported.

What we do

We are here to hold your hand or provide a welcome distraction. We can talk about cancer or leave it at the front door.

Our workshops and services are run by volunteer professionals in meditation, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, reflexology, massage and lots more.

Our play therapist runs special sessions for children who are experiencing a family member’s cancer or are on a cancer journey themselves.
In small groups or one-to-one, our therapists are here to support you when you feel anxious about scans and results, for instance.
Stay busy and focus on something creative. Our activities are run by talented artists and volunteers, or by our guests.
Find out more about how to improve your sleep or nutrition, try yoga or tai chi – our workshops are open to anyone, at any age or ability.
From sound therapy to reiki, our special therapies complement and support your treatment, giving you back a bit of control and tranquillity.

Everyone’s cancer journey is different. We will match you with a trained counsellor to provide one-to-one support right when you need it.

Lymphoedema is a common side effect of cancer treatment and can cause swelling and discomfort affecting general wellbeing. To access this service you will need a medical referral from either a GP or your cancer team.

How you can help

The Hummingbird can only offer its services thanks to our generous volunteers and donations from our supporters. Can you join us? There are lots of ways to help with fundraising: make a donation, hold an event or become a Hummingbird Friend.





Make a donation today

The Hummingbird Centre wouldn’t be in existence today if it wasn’t for the generosity of our supporters. We thank each and everyone of you.

Mission Statement

To relieve the mental and physical sickness of persons diagnosed with a form of cancer by the provision of support services for such persons and their families.

Our Values Include


Everybody should feel welcome.


We are here to hold you up when you need it the most.


It’s okay not to be okay.


We are committed to support as many people as we can to the best of our abilities and we are always looking at ways to improve.